“The Witch of Painted Sorrows” by M.J. Rose – a Book Review


This was the first MJ Rose novel I’ve picked up! While it was a little bit slow to get into, I found “The Witch of Painted Sorrows” to be a solid read. Set in glamorous Belle Epoque Paris, Sandrine has fled an abusive marriage in New York to seek shelter with her grandmother. Putting her life back together, Sandrine rediscovers of her passion for art, and soon encounters a handsome architect, Julien, with whom she becomes entangled. Together, they discover a mysterious mansion filled with paintings, and embark on a journey to understand what it is they have found. Sandrine’s fate soon intersects that of La Lune, a 16th century courtesan and witch, whose curse has touched the women of her family.

The writing is strong, and Rose does a good job of setting the scene. Though the story does contain some rather predictable plot twists (Sandrine, did you really think your husband was going to just wait for you to show back up in NYC and not go after you?), I liked the slightly unpredictable way that Rose ties up everything at the end. Some parts were a little repetitive, but I did appreciate the fact that Rose answers a lot of the questions I had.

Overall, I’d recommend this for those that enjoy historical fiction with a little touch of magic. “The Witched of Painted Sorrows” is available for pre-order from Amazon.com and on shelves March 17, 2015.

And p.s., can we talk about how fantastic the cover is?
Disclaimer: I was provided with an ARC of the novel by the publisher for the purpose of review.

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