“Mr. Kiss and Tell” by Rob Thomas – A Book Review

21437200-1Oh, it pains me so much not to give this book more stars. I absolutely adored Veronica Mars’ first foray into the printed word with “The Thousand Dollar Tan.” Quick and funny plot, spot on characters, it was like spending a fantastic afternoon with an old friend. While Rob Thomas’ “Mr. Kiss and Tell” hits some of the same notes, I had a harder time getting into the world of Neptune this time around.

In her second novel appearance, Veronica finds herself tasked with unraveling the truth behind a horrible attack that takes place at the Neptune Grand. And just like any good VM episode, there are several other story lines happening concurrently, some of which begin in Book #1. (Definitely start with Book #1!) While the main case kept me glued to the pages, some of the ancillary plots got a little tiresome. (We get it… Sheriff Lamb is a bad dude.) And, I have a feeling that other hardcore VM fans are going to disagree with what Thomas does with his characters.¬†I know that everyone has to grow up… but part of me always wants Logan to be bad boy.

That said, if you are “Marshmallow,” and like me miss the series/got back into it following the movie, “Mr. Kiss and Tell” is worthwhile picking up. While you may not have the best of time with VM and the gang, it beats not hanging out with them at all. Fingers crossed that Book #3 will hit it out of the park again!

Available for pre-order from Amazon.com and on shelves January 20th, 2015.
Disclaimer: I received an advance copy of this book via the publisher for the purpose of review. Thank you!

Charlie Holmberg’s “The Paper Magicians” – A #BookReview


Despite the mixed reviews, I actually enjoyed¬†Charlie Holmberg’s “The Paper Magicians”. The first in a series, which I believe is going to be a trilogy, iWt is by no means the “perfect” novel, but there is something incredibly charming about it, and I really liked the magic system/world that Holmberg creates.

Bonded to a magic that she is not passionate about, Ceony Twill, finds herself apprenticed to Emery Thane, a talented paper magician, who also happens to conveniently be attractive, mysterious and a total bachelor. But before she has a chance to embrace her new area of study, Thane’s past catches up with him and sets Ceony off on a mission to literally fight for his heart.

While the attraction between Thane and Ceony felt a little bit sudden (think Twilight fast forwarded a MILLION times), I liked the two characters together. Ceony is also a character I enjoyed getting to know, and I think she is written with a lot of heart. The best part of the novel, and where the magic truly lies (har har har), is in the world that Homberg builds. I loved his concept of paper magic, and also adored the characters like Jonce and Fennel that he populated the book with. There are flaws- the pacing is a bit rushed, and some passages are confusing, but overall it didn’t ruin my reading experience.

I think I’ll skip the next book in the series (the reviews aren’t great), but am not against revisiting this decision in the future. What’s nice is that the Paper Magician also works as a standalone novel as well. Overall, a nice, much needed, mental break during the crazy holidays!

p.s. If you have a Kindle, this one is available for FREE from the Kindle Lending Library!

Catching Up!

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