“I Am Pilgrim” by Terry Hayes – A Book Review


Loved. Loved. Loved.

I cannot stop telling everyone I know that THIS is the book that they MUST read this summer. Normally I avoid spy-thrillers; in my past experience they tend to be formulaic and predictable with mediocre writing. Terry Hayes’ “I Am Pilgrim” totally blew up those misconceptions. I won’t bother with a detailed summary (the book jacket does an excellent job of recapping), but basically the book follows the path of a retired super spy officer who finds himself being pulled back into the intelligence game. Trust me, you are not going to run into any cliches here; what you’ll find is a well executed story that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

While on the longer side, once you are in, you will FLY through this novel. Hayes does an excellent job of maintaining and building momentum, while keeping his pacing consistent and even. What I enjoyed most is that Hayes writes for the smart reader – the type of person who doesn’t want everything explained but enjoys well-thought out details. With each chapter, you almost feel like part of the story, tagging along on Pilgrim’s coattails as he races around the world.

Oh, and the characters! Pilgrim is by far one of the best protagonists I’ve encountered – clever, witty, self-deprecating, but all in a way that makes you wish you could go grab a drink together.

There is so much that I enjoyed about this novel but don’t want to give away…. Needless to say, friends- please go and pick up a copy ASAP so we can discuss. Also, if this does turn out to be a series – I CANNOT WAIT.

Available for purchase from Amazon.com.

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