The Appetites of Girls by Pamela Moses


Over the weekend I got into the latest novel from Pamela Moses, “The Appetites of Girls.” I really enjoyed this coming-of-age novel that is told in character focused vignettes. Francesca, Opal, Setsu and Ruth each have their own well-written individual voices, but when combined create a story that is rich and enveloping. While Moses doesn’t visit any new themes per-se (food issues, first relationships, self-confidence, etc), The Appetites of Girls still feels fresh thanks to the characters she overlays these familiar plot lines with. Broken up into several “parts”, the novel maps out the girl’s lives from their pre-teen years to post-graduation from the prestigious Brown University where their stories intersect.

I don’t know what it is specifically that really resonated with me about this novel, but I really liked it. I suspect that it could be that a lot of the emotions and “life moments” are very relatable (how I miss my college years!). The fact that the writing is fresh and each story clips along with purpose also helped.

Overall, definitely recommend as a solid summer read (though don’t expect a fluffy “beach read”) and would recommend picking up! ¬†Available for pre-order from and on shelves June 26th- just in time for reading in your favorite warm weather spot!

xo The Book Bird
Note: I received an advance copy for review via the publisher.