Lisa Unger- In The Blood


This was the perfect book to be stuck in an airport– it made the hours of killing time fly by. I hate comparing books to other books, but the best way I can think of describing “In the Blood” is if “We Need to Talk About Kevin” and “Gone Girl” had a book baby.

Told from the point of view of college-aged compulsive liar, Lana Granger, the plot’s twist and turns will keep you frantically turning pages as each story arc neatly intersects and culminates in a crazy conclusion. Who is Lana? What is her past? Where is her missing friend? Is she lying to herself or just the reader? I don’t want to give away any secrets, but while some might finds parts of the novel far-fetched, I was was so consumed by the story that I didn’t even notice at the time.

Well-written, and a definite must for those that like psychological thrillers and blind-corner plot twists, I can’t wait until my friends read this one so we can talk about it!

Available from (or for loan via the New York Public Library for you card holders!).

xo The Book Bird

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