2014 Reading Resolutions

This year I have set the lofty goal of 80 novels (with a stretch goal of 85). In 2013 I comfortably made it to 80, but keeping in mind we’ve got some big things in store for 2014 (i.e. cross country move…), I think this is a good place to start.

Keeping that in mind, here are my Reading Resolutions of 2014:

  • No books that contain any of the following plot devices: secret children, former high school flames or, a “summer that changed everything.”
  • I will not pick up any best-sellers from the last 10 years that I have not previously felt motivated to read (ugh, Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell, I’m looking at you).
  • If going the historical fiction route, I will try to read something that doesn’t feature Catherine the Great or any of Henry VIII’s wives, sisters, cousins or relatives.
  • Life is too short for books that are not interesting; I will sample before I buy and commit.

What are your 2014 Reading Resolutions? Any good books I should put on my list?

xo The Book Bird 

2 thoughts on “2014 Reading Resolutions

  1. haha re: “the summer that changed everything”. That line is just so so tired now.

    There are so many historical fiction books about European royalty, specifically the Tudor set, that I’ve become almost convinced they have taken over the genre. Whenever I think historical fiction, those are the books I think of, and I have absolutely no interest in them whatsoever. The whole of history to choose from and Tudor England plus World War II era seem to be the only two eras of interest. I’m overstating of course, but it is the impression I get. Good luck with your goals!

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