What’s On Our Nightstand?

So things here at Book Bird HQ have been a little quiet lately. Why? Because we’ve got our beaks buried in some good books! (Uh, okay and some not so good books… which shall go unnamed and unfinished…) Here’s what’s currently on our nightstand:

The Kingdom of Little Wounds by Susann Cokal
If you like Gregory Maguire’s Wicked or dark fairy tales, then this one is a MUST. Things are amiss in the Scandinavian city of Skyggehavn — a mysterious illness plagues the royal family, an unknown star appears in the sky, and the halls of the palace are filled with intrigue.  So glad I bought it in hardcover as I have a feeling that this is one of those novels I’m going to return to. Broken up into bite-size little chapters that almost read like short stories in themselves, this 500 page novel is totally engrossing and I find it very hard to put down.

The Queen’s Gambit by Elizabeth Fremantle
This one was on our Six Tales of Tudor England list and we’re loving it so far!

The Ghost Bride by Yangszee Choo
Just got this one out of the library and can’t wait! The story of a young woman who becomes a “Ghost Bride,” it’s been featured on several notable book lists for fall.

The Shadow Queen by Sandra Gulland
Got our hands on an advance copy of this historical novel about the woman who becomes the mistress of Louis XIV. It comes out next April (don’t worry, you’ll have our review waaaay before then).

Hoping to wrap up a few of these this weekend, so stay tuned for reviews! Can’t wait? Ping us on Twitter at @TheBookBird and we’d love to chat!

xo The Book Bird 

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